Alexandre Dolgui

Professor and Head of Automation, Production and Computer Sciences Dept.,
IMT Atlantique (former Ecole des Mines de Nantes), France


In literature, most papers examine several stochastic demand processes where order lead timesare constant. In reality, manufacturing firms use inventory management software, especiallyMRP, which ignored lead time uncertainty. It is true that in certain special cases, lead timeuncertainty has essentially no effect and can be ignored. Nevertheless more often, lead timefluctuations strongly degrade tools performance and cause high production costs, just asdemand uncertainty does. Seemingly, uncertainty has been neglected for a long time in favourof studying demand uncertainties. Industry agrees that it is overdue and there is a need torectify this oversight. Nowadays, this gap in research activity begins to be filled in order torespond to companies having non-deterministic lead-times constraints. A new approch ofreplenishement planning under uncertainty of lead times is proposed and a survey of ourresults is given.


Dr. Alexandre Dolgui is a Distinguished Professor (Full Professor of Exceptional Class in France) and theHead of Automation, Production and Computer Sciences Department at the IMT Atlantique (formerEcole des Mines de Nantes), France. His research focuses on manufacturing line design, productionplanning and supply chain optimization. His main results are based on the exact mathematicalprogramming methods and their intelligent coupling with heuristics and metaheuristics algorithms. He isthe co-author of 5 books, the co-editor of 16 books or conference proceedings, the author of 222refereed journal papers, 26 editorials and 28 book chapters as well as over 400 papers in conferenceproceedings. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Production Research, an Area Editorof Computers & Industrial Engineering, and an Associate Editor of Journal Européen des SystèmesAutomatisés, past Associate Editor of International Journal of Systems Science (2005-2008), IEEETransactions on Industrial Informatics (2006-2009) and Omega-the International Journal of ManagementScience (2009-2012), consulting Editor of the International Journal of Systems Science (2009- ). He isMember of the Editorial Boards for 25 other journals, including the International Journal of ProductionEconomics, International Journal of Manufacturing Technology & Management, International Journal ofSimulation & Process Modelling, International Journal of Engineering Management & Economics, Journalof Decision Systems, Journal of Mathematical Modelling & Algorithms, Journal of Operations andLogistics, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management & Production Engineering Review, DecisionMaking in Manufacturing and Service, Risk and Decision Analysis, etc. Fellow of the European Academyfor Industrial Management, Member of the Board of the International Foundation for ProductionResearch, Chair of IFAC TC 5.2 Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control, Member of IFIPWG 5.7 Advances in Production Management Systems, IEEE System Council Analytics and Risk TechnicalCommittee, Guest editor of special issues of European Journal of Operational Research, InternationalJournal of Production Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Omega – TheInternational Journal of Management Science, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Journal ofMathematical Modeling and Algorithms, and Annual Reviews in Control; he was General Scientific Chairof the 12th IFAC symposium INCOM’06, Chairman of International Program Committee of SCM’02,MOSIM’04, INCOM’09, INCOM’12, IESM’13, MIM’13, INCOM’15, IESM’17, GSC’18, MIM’19 and Chairmanof Steering committee of MIM’16. Chairman of Organizing Committee of the International ConferenceMOSIM’01 and ROADEF’2011; last ten years, he was Member of Program Committees of over 200International Conferences, etc. He has been responsible of the French national CNRS working group onDesign of Production Systems (with about 336 individual members) and the regional project on Designand Management of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems.